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Cottar's Safaris - Bonnieface

Boniface Muhati

Head Chef

Our supremely talented and all round nice guy, Head Chef Bonny. His culinary career was inspired early on by his Mum’s love and respect for classical British cuisine and her baking skills. His chocolate tart is what dreams are made of, you must try his Tree Tomato Sorbet, oh and the peach chocolate. And those are just his deserts! We are constantly getting requests, asking for his recipes from clients that have stayed with us. He is also extremely cool, being a passionate motorcycle enthusiast on his days off, think Sons of Anarchy.

“I am experienced in African, French, Mediterranean and British cuisine but I tend to lean more on Fusion, as it presents an interesting challenge in creating a delicate balance of different world cuisines in a menu or dish. I am also experienced in menu creation, recipe development and good food presentation skills. My knowledge in all sections of the kitchen is my greatest asset though my strength is mostly in pastry and bakery. My ability to think critically is a skill that often helps me think on my feet, which helps solve certain problems quickly and also helps me and my team get out of sticky situations fast. A must have skill when working in a camp kitchen!”