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Douglas Nagi

Gold level Guide & Director

‘Delta November’ as he’s fondly called: the man who holds us all together. Nothing seems to ruffle his feathers, he’s always ready with a helping hand and has a wealth of knowledge on numerous topics. You’ll love his cheeky sense of humour and contagious laugh. Doug is the man with a plan and a lot of engaging stories to go with it, you’ll be entertained from sunrise to sunset. He’s certified in astronomy after studying under a visiting Oxford professor, has experience in gun handling from time spent with the British Army in Nanyuki, and insight from numerous ethnobotany and ethnography research projects in the northern regions of Kenya. Doug is our top gold level guide, as well as being our Sustainability and 4Cs Manager, you will usually find him in the Explorers Tent or entertaining guests in the Mess Tent.

Most memorable sighting
One of my most memorable sightings to date, was of a male leopard snatching a kill from a python and then engaging the python in a fight, eventually killing it.