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Cottar's Safaris Joseph

Joseph Ole Mpoe

Silver level Guide

The best type of guide, so excited by what his home has to offer that he can’t wait to share it with anyone and everyone. Always looking for the next adventure…and usually finding it! “I have always loved what I do, and I always say that it’s the best office to wake up to. Our environment never ceases to amaze me, no day is ever the same and I hope to do this for a very long time.” Joseph is a KPSGA Silver-level guide. Joseph is also a very skilled photographer and guitar player. Don’t believe us, ask him to sing for you!

Most memorable sighting
I had an interesting encounter with three rhinos. We had headed out on an afternoon wildlife drive towards the free falls area. Halfway there, in the Olkoski forest, my spotter spotted three rhinos crossing the road, some 50 meters ahead of us, so we thought we would follow them. We turned left in the direction of where they had headed around a corner, and suddenly the mother rhino was coming straight towards my car. Within a fraction of a second, she was hitting the front of the car, lifting the car up and down. It was an intense experience, but a quick attack that left me and my guest in shock, but still thrilled by the efficiency of that rhino attack.