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Mamma Naishuro Batian

Resident Expert Maasai Beader

Mamma Naishuru is a widowed grandmother and our resident expert Maasai beader. She was born in the early 70’s and has been living within the Olderkesi area since childhood. She has nine children and several grandchildren, but sadly lost one of her daughters three years ago and is the sole provider for her two granddaughters. She has been part of the Cottar’s team for about twelve years and finds joy in doing beadwork and aspires to learn more jewellery designs and also, advance her skills through formal training.

Mama Naishuro joined the Cottar’s team in the early 2000’s as a laundry attendant, she did laundry work for a year but showed her interest in beadwork and she now focuses on doing beadwork with guests at camp to date. She was taught by her mother to do beadwork and is a talented beader. She can make bracelets, earrings, belts, necklaces, waist beads, anklets, head- pieces, placemats, beaded phone pouches and many other customised Maasai ornaments.

All half day sessions with Mamma Naishuru will result in 50% of net sales going to support her granddaughters. Should guests wish to further support Mamma Naishuru and her granddaughters, please contact management for more details. Please join her for a one hour, interactive and fun, beaded jewellery making session where she can show you how to make, help you make, or make for you, a personalized Maasai beaded bracelet. Alternatively, join her for a longer period of time and have a more sophisticated piece developed over two hours or half a day.