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Cottars Team - Tanya

Tanya Leakey

Camp Manager

Tanya grew up in a pretty remote part of Kenya, so being outdoors and in the bush is where she’s always felt most at home and at her happiest. She’s travelled quite extensively in and around Africa, but specifically in Kenya, “the Maasai Mara is high on the list of incredible places, there is something truly magical about it – if you’ve experienced it you’ll know what I mean – so the opportunity to work out in the Mara was a dream come true. Not only that, but to have the opportunity to work for a company whose vision and overall drive towards being a fully sustainable eco-tourism destination, something that I truly believe in, I could not have asked for better. So I am very fortunate to have recently joined the Cottars team as Camp Manager – although this is a new industry for me having held various roles in the private security sector in Nairobi, it has been a relatively easy transition and this is down to the wonderful, supportive team here at Cottars, it’s a family not a big corporate chain – and when you come to visit, you’ll feel the same!”