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Cottar's Safaris Wilson

Wilson Tumake Mpatiani

Bronze level Guide

Strike a pose! A true performer – he leads our Maasai talks at camp and did a lot of modelling for the famous Anthony Russell (ask him to show you the fabulous photos). Our newest guide, he’s worked his way up with an astonishing amount of energy and merriment that you’ll soon be swept up in it.

He’s great with kids (probably all the boundless energy) and loves everything conservation – a great all-round guide. Did you know that he got the name ‘Wison’ at the age of 12, it was picked out from the Oxford Dictionary when his school required him to register for his final primary exams. Wilson is planning to sit for his silver level exams this coming November.

Most memorable sighting
It was early morning and I was heading to the Mara River in search of hippos and crocodiles as it was my client’s last day. Along Keekorok stream which hosts a lot of hippos, my spotter Salaash spotted a wandering hippo outside the water, it was approximately 50 metres from the stream. It seemed restless and well-fed, and looking closely I realised that she was in labour. We thought her first instinct would be to rush to the water for safety but instead came rushing towards our vehicle, which I had parked up on a raised area. It suddenly hit the truck from the side and then snorted what I thought was water from her nose, and within seconds was back in the water.