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Our 4C Impact Statement

How your stay impacts nature & people

We are a proud member of The Long Run, a global network of tourism businesses committed to conserving ecosystems and improving the well-being of people through a holistic balance of Conservation, Community, Culture, and Commerce. To monitor our progress, we have collaborated with Weeva, a sustainability tracking platform. By choosing to stay with us, you are directly supporting our conservation efforts and contributing to the well-being of our surrounding communities.

Method vetted by The Long Run for 2023. For more details about the framework used to make these calculations please go to

Your contribution to our local and greater Kenyan economy


We strive to support local businesses and have a strict supplier policy focusing on local, sustainable and eco friendly products, to reduce your safari’s footprint.

Your contribution to our projects

Conserving Nature

Supporting a 7,600-acre community-owned conservancy, 21,000-acre wildlife corridor home to the following threatened and endangered species: elephants, black rhino, cheetah, wild dogs, pangolins, leopards; crowned eagle, martial eagle and ground hornbill. Distribute 30,000 tree and grass seeds per year and profile key underserved species such as vultures.

Local Development and Community Empowerment

Provision to 30,000 Maasai through medical and public health services, schools and women’s microfinance programmes. Empowerment of staff with over 60% of senior staffing positions being held by women.

Investment in Local Cultural Heritage

Promotion of Maasai storytelling in social media reaching over 5 million views per year. Provision of unique impact activities that support cultural heritage.

Carbon Honest

Yes, we could buy carbon offsets as a measure to reduce our carbon footprint – but this would mean buying credits elsewhere and likely investing in monoculture. Instead of that approach, we want to help our community and nature’s backyard which includes grasslands, rivers, mountains, significant biodiversity and community.  So instead of off-setting, we have a policy of being carbon honest and localized in-setting. In-setting has a circular benefit for the area and includes credibly monitoring our carbon footprint and investing with localized precision and clear benefits to nature and the community.

By staying with us you help

A unique, community-led 7,608-acre conservancy and support 21,000 acres of critical wildlife corridors.

26,990 local Maasai, by supporting medical and educational facilities, and their land rights.

Support and promote indigenous knowledge and African conservation storytelling.

Invest USD $212,890 in payments for ecosystem services, and community and cultural initiatives, raised through donations and conservancy fees.